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My loaded 1983 Cannondale touring bike
MY short lived 1983s Cannondale touring bike

In September 2010 I picked up a 1983 Cannondale, my first touring bike. With the cooling weather (north American Fall) and working long hours I was not able to take it out on any long rides (and thus, nothing noteworthy to post—I may in the future reflect on my experiences all-weather commuting through the Canadian winter). As the weather warmed in 2011, I was finally able to take this bike out on a few rides, and to prepare for a longer trip. As part preparation, I rode from St Catharines to the MEC at Burlington and back.

Downtown Banff
Day 10: Banff, reflections on the ride

It was nice to wake up in my tent not thinking of any mountains to climb.

entering Banff national Park
Day 9: Fairmont to Banff (part 2).

I crossed into Banff National Park, crested the continental divide and entered Alberta just after 5:30, having come 135km in just over 7 hours.