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New trails

I loaded up the trailer with about 2/3 of the weight it will have (no food, or non-cycling clothing, etc) and with the new rear rack and trunk bag I set off. I rode along some undulating roads — including a busy stretch during peak hour (quite scary — and some of the cars/trucks were not intimidated by the trailer) — to see how much impact the weight would have. Fast deceleration was different and made me a little wary. I also notice that it does give you a good push downhill.

taking the trailer for a spin…

After spending a few hours in my office (to make up for some of the time i will be riding over the next week), i hitched the trailer, loaded it up a went on a short ride of a little over 20km. This was my first time out with it loaded - i hitched it up (empty) yesterday for a trip around the block to see what the feel was like. At first i could notice the extra weight, but not for long. Acceleration was not as quick, and it still had a little bounce (far less than when empty). Once going the momentum was quite good and a good cruising speed was easy enough to obtain.