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My rides

My rides

Having a break alongside the Erie Canal

I have made a number of journeys — some short, some long — in Canada and Australia since I started this blog in 2006. In Canada I have had a number of short rides, day rides and shorter tours around the Golden Horeshoe region of Southern Ontario, the Bruce Penisula, and into upstate (western) New York; short rides around Winnipeg, and a longer tour crossing Bristish Columbia and into Alberta.

In Australia, I have explored in and around the forested areas of Kentlyn, Wedderburn and the Illawarra — mostly as shorter rides. I do have some longer ride ideas which I have not yet made the time for, including parts of the Bicentennial National Trail south of the Blue Mountains, the Snowy Mountains region, touring around Tasmania and some rides in Western Australia (Munda Biddi trail). 

Below is a folksonomy-of-sorts categorising my rides by location(s) and category(s). You can also view a visually rich display of my rides in reverse chronological order.