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My loaded 1983 Cannondale touring bike

I have a been fortunate enough to expereince a few bikes over the years. These are listed below in order of acquisition (most recent at top).

Surly Pugsley Special Ops (2012?)
A pre-loved fat bike, the Pug Ops arived in August 2015. Stil working it out. Joyful on the sand...

Yuba Mundo (v4)
After quite a bit of research, I decided on a Mundo (disc brakes, dynamo hub and lights) as my all-round cargo bike. It arrived in February 2015. I use it at least once a week for grocery runs, and as a fall back commuter. I have taken it on 30km+ leisurely rides, and it rejuvenated an appreciation of the pleasures of slow riding.

GT Peace 9er
Another second hand bike, picked up in January 2013. I was looking for a nondescript bike to take my board to adjacent breaks for a surf.

Kona Dr Fine (2012)
This was my first 'new' bike in many years, after struggling to find a commuter with the features I was seeking (i.e. internally gearing, disc brakes, subtle colors — the closest I could find at the time to black and sans glaring branding). I rode this bike everyday, and it works very well as a commuter.
[stolen 2014]

Cannondale 1983S
I picked up a my 1983S Cannondale touring bike (pictured above) in September 2010 in Hamilton, Ontario. The original owner had used it one Summer only, and it was in excellent originaly condition (new saddle). It was an enjoyable bike to ride, albeit for a short time.
[destroyed by car 2011]

Cannondale F400 (2005)
I picked up my pre-loved trusty F400 in 2006. It has seen some kms, both road and trail, in Austraia and Canada. These include rodes in the Golden Horshoe and Niagara regions of Ontario, and the Finger Lakes of upstate New York. It also helped make some challenging climbs on my ride from Vancouver to Banff.
[stolen 2014]