a weblog of my veggie powered cycling adventures



Looking down the Fraser River, Hope BC

bikearky was initially created as a means to share my cycling experiences with family and friends. When doing research about routes for some longer rides, I found it challenging to source relevant information. As I began to filter through what I found, I decided to document what I came across and contribute to the crowd sourcing  I was drawing from.

My ride logs include the information I came across during trip planning, my experiences on my rides, and some general musings.

Site information
bikearky went online in May 2006. I had arrived in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) a couple months previously as part of grad school. I picked up a new bike with the arrival of the warmer weather, aiming to get out and see what i could of the area.

The site was initially run on wordpress, and was ported to drupal in June 2008. Porting the site to drupal enabled a number of features I had always wanted. In late 2012 the site was taken offline to alllow me to undertake a complete redesign (including restructure) and upgrade to drupal 7. The site was put back online in January 2013.