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my cargo trailer

my cargo trailer

I have replaced my Yakima trailer as outlined in my review of the '‘CELLO bike case/travel system for BOB trailers’. I used the opportunity to upgrade to a BOB Ibex. The company description is

"With its rugged, fully adjustable suspension system, the IBEX trailer can get you and your gear there. Ride single-track trails, riverbeds, and washboarded roads. Carry camping gear, trail tools, a weekend's worth of supplies. Get to places cars can't go. Arrive in hours while your backpacking friends take days. Go farther, see more, feel fresher."

On my ride from Vancouver to Banff in western Canada (in August 2008) I gave my iBex it's first real test. Given the addition of suspension, it is not the lightest bicycle trailer, though I have no qualms about it. It performed very well. I have only taken it on short off-road rides, and hope top do more in the future.

I try to keep up with new innovations in bicycle trailer design and often assist others with recommendations and/or advice. One innovation that I am very interested in is the Extrawheel trailer, marketed as 'the worlds lightest one wheel bicycle trailer'. Whlst being light is beneficial, what interests me is the design itself—it is built around a full-size wheel which can be swithched with a damaged one on your bike. It is also much more easier to ship when travelling somewhere to tour. Whilst i the CELLO and iBex is a very good design combination, I had no end of grief on my recent trip from Australia to Canada. This was partly due to no airline having a favourable shipping policy (Air Canada had changed theirs) and the weight of the iBex and bike combined.  If i was buying my first trailer, i would serisouyl consider an Extrawheel. This would require investment in both an Extrawheel trailer and something like a Trico Iron Case—this is where the CELLO comes into it's own. I may consider a switch in the near future...


My first trailer details (from mid 2006):I have a Yakima Big Tow cargo trailer. These are no longer manufactured by Yakima, and the Bob Yak is very similar. Here is one description (source: MTB reviews):

Whether an enthusiast on an extended tour, or a dedicated commuter, this gear trailer will help you bring along all you need. Strong lightweight frame includes an expandable bellows style bag that just begs to be overstuffed. Built-in fairing protects the waterproof PVC bag from road debris. Single wheel design follows your bike with precision. Crafted with Chrome-Moly steel tubing, maintenance-free sealed bearing hubs, tough alloy rim and stainless steel spokes. TowBag is custom designed to match the frame's shape with reflective trim, compression strap system to keep load tight and padded handle. Fits most bikes and is easy to attach and detach from bike.

It attaches to the rear axle (special replacement skewer) of my bike: it effectively follows you. Given its profile (no wider than rider and bike) it is suitable for single track trails and has a reduced potential for finding its way under car Tyres...