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my Cannonale F400 and BOB Ibex pre-departure
Day 1: Vancouver to Harrison Mills (Squawkum Park)

Given that I was up until close to 4am the night before, I had a bit of a late start today. I was off and on my bike around 10:30. I was unsure how far I would get, aiming for somewhere between Mission and Hope (interesting town names!).

Stanley Park Seawall—east of the Lions Gate Bridge
Day 0: Stanley Park seawall

I went for a late ride with a couple friends tonight. We round from the downtown east side following the  Trans Canada Trail loop that circumscribes Stanley Park and the seawall trail—after weighting out a bit of rain.

Leaving tomorrow

I have finalised the last of the tasks I needed to get done, and with possible rain forecast for Monday, I will be leaving tomorrow (Sunday).