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Stemwinder Provincial Park

Stemwinder Provincial Park

an early view of the mountains to come
Day 4: Stemwinder to Johnstone Creek Provincial Parks

Lots of photo’s today. It was a tough day, with a long climb some describe as the most challenging of the ride Vancouver to Banff: Anarchist Pass. I started the day after a good rest, enjoying the stay at Stemwinder—though with a flat (the previous day’s tube repair did not hold). I also started to wear board (surf) shorts over my bike pants to protect my legs from exposure—which helped a lot!

upended at Sunday Summit
Day 3: Manning to Stemwinder Provincial Parks

Following my only icy morning, I headed off on the cruise down to the east gate of Manning Provincial Park at 8:20am. I stopped at the store just east of the gate (the east gate diner iirc?) to pick up a ‘sports drink’ and a snack for breakfast. As I was setting up to leave a car pulled in that had passed me on the climb the day before (3 bicycles on the roof). We had a good chat about cycle touring. The occupants were moving back to Ontario after living out in Vancouver for a couple years. Their trip east was a journey!