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Niagara Falls (Canadian side)
Day 1: Hamilton—Holly, NY State

After hitching up my trailer, I left Westdale (Hamilton) a little before 8am. I rode along Aberdeen towards the base of the escarpment rail trail. At the end of the rail trail, after the ride up the Niagara escarpment, I turned east along Stone Church Road. I missed the turn at Winterberry Drive, ending up riding through Valley Park to make my way back to Highland Road — I have missed this turn on a number of rides now. My intention was to follow Highland Road to its end and head towards Smithville.

An afternoon ride...

Given my upcoming ride to Ithaca and back, I wanted to get out on my bike and keep up my riding fitness. I decided a 4hour/100km afternoon ride would be good — and the weather obliged: i ended up doing 120km in 4hrs 45 minutes.

I rode up the Niagara escarpment via the short Cheridoke rail trail from Dundurn (Hamilton). From there I made it onto Highcrest Rd and followed it to it to its end. I then ended up on Mud Road/Fly road, which I followed all the way to Mountain road. Nearing 50km I decided to head down the mountain and turn back. I had made it to Lincoln.

Day 4: The final stretches

I arose early, packed and was on my bike around 7:15. With no one in the office at the camp ground (Durham Conservation area) it was a free nights stay. I could already feel that today was going to be very very warm (this was in fact quite an understatement).