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Toronto and back

Yesterday i rode to the city and back with Gwen which was my biggest single day ride by far. The forecast was ominous and the night before was raining solidly.

The morning was dry and conditions seemed pretty nice - that is except for the predicted 24 knot headwind that arrived as predicted. It made for slower and more energy draining riding. We stocked up on some essential gear at MEC, had a good feed and left the city a little late...

taking the trailer for a spin…

After spending a few hours in my office (to make up for some of the time i will be riding over the next week), i hitched the trailer, loaded it up a went on a short ride of a little over 20km. This was my first time out with it loaded - i hitched it up (empty) yesterday for a trip around the block to see what the feel was like. At first i could notice the extra weight, but not for long. Acceleration was not as quick, and it still had a little bounce (far less than when empty). Once going the momentum was quite good and a good cruising speed was easy enough to obtain.