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The Big Cow at Eldersley
Day 2: Clifford - Crane River

We sat around, having the luxury of a cooked breakfast, whilst waiting for our gear to dry (dew and the impacts of the previous night/early morning rain) — starting off again at 11am. At the other side of Clifford we had our water bottles filled with water and ice at a local store (thankyou!). In the car park we had a conversation with a life-long local who knew someone who had moved from Clifford to Australia (via Japan) — he mentioned this on the off chance I might know them!

Waiting out the rain under the picnic shelter, Beverly Community Centre
Day 1: Rockton - Clifford

Relocating our gear to the large picnic shelter a little after 8am, adjacent to the Beverly Community Centre Building, we waited out the weather until 11am. We rode through the consistent rain for over an hour — I noticed that my front splash-guard directs all water (when there is a substantial amount on the road) straight onto my shoes. Needless to say my shoes filled up with water and where wet for the rest of the day. My shoes performed well, going from saturated to damp within 2-hours of riding (I was very happy!).