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Downtown Banff
Day 10: Banff, reflections on the ride

It was nice to wake up in my tent not thinking of any mountains to climb.

entering Banff national Park
Day 9: Fairmont to Banff (part 2).

I crossed into Banff National Park, crested the continental divide and entered Alberta just after 5:30, having come 135km in just over 7 hours.

the morning's view, between Fairmont and Radium Hot Springs
day 9: fairmont to banff (part 1)

I rose and packed camp early in anticipation of another hot day, hoping to get past the anticipated steep and challenging climb out of Radium Hot Springs. I was on the bike by 7:15. The ride to Radium (38km) was uneventful. A short climb, some spectacular scenery, and a early heat provided a indication of what was to come.