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Welcome to Rocky Mountain district
day 8: Yahk Provincial Park to Fairmont

Another warm day. I rose at 5:30 and left Yahk PP at 6:45. I started the morning not sure of how far I would ride/where I would end up — partly based on the disturbed sleep of the night before. I was buoyed by the impending site of the Rockies, something I not experienced since 2001.

New Key's Place (lodging), Crawford Bay, BC
day 7: New Key’s Place to Yahk Provincial Park

I left myself go back to several times this morning, given the previous day. I rose at 6:45, had packed up camp and was leaving New Key's Place (see photo) in an hour. It was a pleasant ride in the morning, having set off before most of the holiday makers were on the roads.

Christina Lake sunrise
Day 6: Texas Creek Provincial Park to Crawford Bay (Kootenay

I was up early, hoping to make Paulson Summit before the heat set in. My plans were to head for Nelson, somewhere I had always wanted to visit, if I could make it that far and take my first rest day. It turned into a very long day!